More than 1 million people used Detox Skin

El único detox que no interfiere con los medicamentos porque no libera sustancias dentro del cuerpo.

The only detox that does not interfere with medications because it does not release substances inside the body.

Detox Skin foot patchs benefits are:

Fat and sugar

It removes from the organs and blood the nutritional fats responsible for fatty liver and cholesterol, as well as reduces the excess of sugars responsible for diabetes and non-alcoholic cirrhosis.

Everyday results

If daily used, it reduces the levels of glycaemia, cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes. It is especially effective in releasing fluids, improving sleep, reducing fatigue and relieving stress. Indicated to detoxify the lungs and bronchi, tobacco or contaminated environments.

Toxines and heavy metals

It removes the toxic elements absorbed naturally by the organism during years, from pollution, by the use of alcohols, cosmetics, varnishes, paints, ketones, soaps and medicines.

Immediate effect.

Used by doctors and therapists because it contributes to reduction of pains (headache, legs, sciatica, muscle, joints), varicose veins, fibromyalgia, edema and restoration of the vitality of the organs after drug treatments, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Immediate effect.

The Detox Skin foot patches act while you sleep, because they use all the energy produced by the body in a process of reverse osmosis. In the palm of the foot, the Detox Skin patches remove enormous amounts of metabolic waste and toxins from the organism that over the years are installed in the organs and blood, and are responsible for various diseases, health conditions, pains and symptoms of tiredness or depression.

Reflexology map

Through the foot reflexology map, you can place the Detox Skin patch in a more appropriate position with the organ or organ set that needs more attention.

100% natural

Detox Skin is a combination of Freetox with natural substances, such as Pure Seiva, which is a pyrolene acid found in some tree species in the form of wood vinegar, with which they separate toxins from water for their survival.


More efective

Freetox is an exclusive compound of the Larune Laboratories - Paris and that make the Detox Skin patches more efficient and with visible results from the first use. Detox Skin is recommended by doctors and therapists because it does not release substances for its organisms, as it happens with syrups, tablets and teas, nor does it depend on the intestines for the metabolic waste release process.

Users real opinion


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How is it used?

Place a Detox Skin patch on the palm of your foot before sleeping. Leave on for at least 6 hours and then remove. Repeat the next night. In cases of very sensitive skin or diabetic foot help with warm water to remove the patch. It is not reusable.

Después de cada uso.

Puede presentar un aspecto oscuro y saturado, con textura peganhenta y olor. Compruebe las coloraciones y siga las instrucciones y el significado mencionado en el prospecto. Recoloque un nuevo yeso en la zona del pie adecuada a sus necesidades


If first time, use on both feet in the first two days, and alternatively from the third day for 14 to 20 days in a row. Other uses or maintenance 3 times a week.


The Detox Skin patch does not release substances into the body, and the palm of the foot is waterproof. In this way it does not interfere with medications or treatments.

Does it have special indications?

Detox Skin is not a medicine, so it has no contraindications. However, there is a restricted group of users who may suffer from hypersensitivity to the composition. To know more, please, contact us.

Where are they sold?

Detox Skin is available in Formula San web site, through the site by phone (just whatsapp us). You can also find and in some pharmacies, herbs, health establishments, orthopedics and clinics.

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Detox Skin is a product with a pharmaceutical quality certificate, manufactured in France by Larune Laboratories - Paris, and notified to the European health authority of EFSA.


Guarantee of satisfaction or your money back, during one year, no questions asked. See the conditions or click here.


All substances in the Detox Skin Patch content have been certified from the source and obtained in the fair market and are not protected species.

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